Medical data warehouse

One of the reasons why data warehouses are being built is to enable complex analyzes with the speeding up of the process of accessing medical data and to relieve the hospital systems. We shall keep in mind that many HIS systems were not designed to analyze data but to just store them. Transition Technologies has designed and implemented medical data warehouse inter alia for Onko.sys platform, which integrates data from more than twenty databases created by researchers at the Center for Oncology – Institute in Warsaw.

  • Interoperability of medical data and much easier use by external systems
  • Standardization of ways of exchanging medical information
  • More powerful analyzes of large scale results
  • Integration of data from more than one center within a warehouse enables compare the quality and standards of treatment between centers.

  • Comparing the efficacy of treatment of patients treated comprehensively in one center versus treatment in different centers.
  • Estimating the cost of treating patients, forecasting medical expenses on the scale of the center, region, country.
  • Optimizing medical procedures at the center, region, country (reducing costs and avoiding unnecessary patient procedures).


It is worth noting that it is often an inseparable part of the implementation of the data warehouse that we provide the MedStream Designer platform, which makes use of data collected in the warehouse not only more efficient but also much cheaper than the use of classic Business Intelligence systems.