Medical Data Analysis


Transition Technologies S.A. delivers advanced analysis and IT solutions for medical data. Our mission is to discover the diamonds hidden in large volumes of information. Our combined engineering and research expertise and facilities guarantee the service quality you require.

Data Science

Traditional statistical methods and modern machine learning algorithms are combined to chart, analyse and report. Data Science allows the discovery of hidden and counterintuitive dependencies within large data sets, paving the way to solid conclusions and useful predictive models.

Data Analysis

Many classes of data from various sources can be combined for analysis. Our range of analyses includes:

  • Retrospective studies of data from hospital IT systems
  • Clinical trials
  • Molecular data from genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolomics studies
  • Biological signals


We cooperate in individual commercial projects and with research units operating under the aegis of National and European funding bodies.

Close cooperation with data providers allows tailored solutions for medical sector requirements.

Our data flow routines and programming environment ensure transparency and code reproducibility.



  • We integrate data of various types and classes from various sources
  • We have our own eCRF module


  • Data validation
  • Raw data presented in interactive graphical form


  • Statistical reports
  • We offer extended data exploration using state of the art Machine Learning techniques


  • Process models for pattern identification and optimised decision making


Our principle strength is in-house creation of innovative IT product solutions for collation and analysis of medical and clinical data. Our intuitive software is optimally interfaced for exploitation of our advanced computing engine. Analysis findings are expressed in language readily understood by physicians and biologists.

MedStream Designer (MSD)

  • Innovative analytic solutions for medical data retrieved from Hospital Information Systems (HIS)
  • Identification of patients according to therapy and event history
  • eCRF extension module for clinical trial data

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Genetic Risk Assesment (GRA)

  • Prediction of predisposition to hereditary cancers
  • Recommendations for prevention, diagnosis and treatment
  • Reports referenced to family history and established criteria – in keeping with approved medical standards

MicroArray Inspector

  • Application for bioinformatics – applying statistical methods to post-experimental analysis in Affymetrix microarray studies
  • Automated detection of contaminated biological materials



Stopping epilepsy before it is too late – IPCZD together with 15 international partners is identifying the most promising biomarkers and preventative therapy to arrest disease progression. In extension to integration of clinical and molecular data, Transition Technologies S.A. has a leading role in data validation.


EPIMARKER is a new approach to detection and treatment of epilepsy. Our contribution to the Consortium is an eCRF system for clinical data. The next step is a predictive forecast model for epileptic seizures.


Patient preferences are influenced by regulatory changes concerning reimbursement for treatment. We prepared a report for our client together with an interactive application to demonstrate changes in patient behaviour over three waves of the study.


The representatives of the Transition Technologies SA services group are young, ambitious people, who very often enthusiastically and without resistance overcome difficult thematic issues. They have the required tools and carefully analyze the tasks set for them.

MD PhD Barbara Lisowska-Myjak, Medical University of Warsaw

Transition Technologies lived up to the high demands of orders at the speed of a lightning. Bioinformatic analysis prepared in an accessible manner have provided us with the information necessary to make decisions regarding further study and design solutions, which are currently being implemented in the laboratory. Excellent contact with TT’s bioinformatic – Peter Stępniak during the entire duration of the project, allowed us to ask questions based on new information and thus the final analysis corresponded exactly to our needs.

PhD Miroslawa Skupińska, Bioscientist s.c

I have been successfully working together with Transition Technologies for several years on two major research studies: EPISTOP and EPIMARKER. All analysis has been of good quality and on time. The contributions from data analysts have been particularly important to the project, not only through efficient and accurate completion of the tasks but also through their reliable, fruitful inspiration to others involved in methodological discussions and interpretation of findings.

Prof. Katarzyna Kotulska-Jóźwiak, The Children’s Memorial Health Institute




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