Individual medical projects


The experts at Transition Technologies S.A. not only skillfully apply available bioinformatics tools but are also authors of many research publications about new algorithms in the fields of mathematical data analysis, statistical inference, and optimization theory. Our advantage is the combination of practical life in the field science and many years of experience in providing automation solutions using multidimensional data analysis. The high degree of quality and innovation of our products and services is confirmed by numerous awards and patents.


Bioinformatics is, among others, a new branch offered by Transition Technologies S.A.
Through the effective combination of IT and biological knowledge, our experts efficiently support research and development in the fields of medicine, biotechnology, pharmaceutics, molecular biology, chemistry, and cosmetology. Integrating experimental results, information from public databases, and computational simulations and models speed up and significantly enrich research while reducing costs.
Advanced computer assisted data analysis methods substantially aid the processing and interpretation of experimental results – especially coming from high-throughput methods such as DNA microarrays and next generation sequencing techniques. We present the list of bioinformatic services provided by Transition Technologies S.A.


  • Search and data integration of biological, medical, and chemical databases,
  • Application of advanced algorithms to multidimensional data analysis,
  • Processing and analysis of medical and biological images,
  • Research and diagnostic systems integration,


  • Aid in the analysis of mass spectrometry experiments:
    • Classification and clustering of the results,
    • Identification and visualization of proteins,
  • Phylogenetic analysis of protein families,
  • Secondary and tertiary structure prediction,
  • Modeling of protein-ligand and protein-protein interactions,
  • Design of enzyme rational mutagenesis:
    • Increasing solubility and tolerance to physical and chemical factors,
    • Changes in un the specificity and efficacy of reactions


  • Microarray data analysis:
    • Filtration and normalization of results,
    • Sample contamination analysis,
    • Multi-dimensional non-linear classification and clustering of results
  • Phylogenetic analysis.


If you are interested in bioinformatic services that are not listed above, please contact us. In addition, we include a link to download our marketing materials in the form of a leaflet.