Finance information module


The financial information module is an extension of the MedStream Designer platform and does not function without it.
This is not only due to the close correlation resulting from medical events and associated costs, but also due to the MSD platform interface characteristics.

The extension described above may only be implemented if the hospital has at least one of the following categories of data:

  • Cost information concerning given medicines (only for completed applications)
  • Cost information concerning medical procedures
  • Cost information concerning hospitalization
  • Revenues information


Main benefits of implementing the financial information module:

  • Access to financial information related to the patient’s treatment process at any time upon request
  • Flexible reports whose shape depends on the user only
  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of patient treatment costs
  • Transparency of financial information
  • Analysis per clinic, department, sick unit, period, etc.


The implementation of the financial criteria involves adding the following elements for the selected parameters

MEDICINES – costs of administered medicines:

Search for cost ranges for given medicines: more than and less than.

Find out the cost of given medicines, which is the exact value.

PROCEDURES – costs of executed procedures:

Search for cost ranges for completed procedures: more than and less than.

Find the cost of procedures performed in the exact value.

HOSPITALIZATION – costs of hospital’s stays:

Search for cost centers for hospital stays: more than and less than.

Search for hospitalization costs of exact value.

REVENUES – incomes generated by hospital:

Search for revenues value ranges: more than and less than.

Finding revenues of exact value.

Example: Patient’s search result

Screen for the scenario described above, with the preview of parameters/search criteria.

Example: Screen showing detailed information associated with particular patient and patient’s treatment costs.

Detailed screen for selected search criteria including financial information.

Example: Analysis per clinic, department, doctor etc.

Screen of analysis results (downloadable as Excel table)