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This data presents aggregated information concerning the number of unique patients who have been registered in the hospital system of the individual units over the last few years. Please note that this data is available only within a hospital that has implemented the MedStream Designer (MSD) platform.
These data show the total number of records with each type of medical information in the selected unit, that has been imported into the data warehouse and is available on the MedStream Designer platform. Please note that this data is available only within a hospital that has implemented the MedStream Designer (MSD) platform.

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Thanks to modern system for analyzing data of patients’ diagnoses and treatments, medical specialists from University Clinical Centre in Gdańsk will be able to check patients’ history from the past 10 years.

Rynek Zdrowia, 06.07.2017 Read more

An innovative system for medical data analysis is now being used by specialists from University Clinical Centre in Gdańsk. MedStream Designer contains information about over 900 thousands of patients that had been treated in clinical hospital over past 10 years.

Radio Gdańsk, 05.07.2017 Read more

A database that covers over 900 thousands of patients means millions of health records that may help to improve quality of the treatment. University Clinical Centre in Gdańsk has recently implemented an innovative solution supporting data analysis.

Ogólnopolski Przegląd Medyczny, 30.06.2017 Read more

Warsaw’s IT tycoon is willing to cooperate with medical branch. Its innovative system MedStream Designer already conquers both polish and foreign markets, allowing to take advantage of medical information stored in HIS.

Rzecz o Innowacjach, 26.06.2017 Read more

Until now, doctor needed only knowledge of the symptoms to make a diagnosis. Nowadays whole medical documentation has an impact, particularly enormous portion of patient’s medical records that need to be analyzed by a dedicated tool.

New Seria, 31.10.2016 Read more

National Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases Research Institute in Warsaw has just implemented an innovative tool, that helps to take advantage of electronic health records. “[MSD] is a useful tool that provides carrying out various kinds of analyses and summaries”- explain dr hab. Stefan Wesołowski, prof. IGiCHP.

Rynek Zdrowia, 19.04.2015 Read more

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We are pleased to announce that Transition Technologies has been nominated for the prestigious distinction - Polish Intelligent Development Award 2018 under the patronage of the President of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, Dr. Alicji Adamczak, for the project "Development of the ability to echolocate people with sight dysfunction through a game using binaural sounds" in the category Innovations in medicine. The Polish Intellectual Development Award is... Read more
On 26.X.2017, Transition Technologies SA was awarded the Polish Intelligent Development Award during a gala held at the G2A Arena Congress Center in Jasionka near Rzeszów. The awarded project concerned IT solutions implemented in Polish oncological hospitals. More information about the Forum can be found on the website
On the third of October representatives of Transition Technologies took part in the conference "Vision of Health" organized by the Termedia Publishing House and under the Honorary Patronage of the Minister of Health Konstanty Radziwiłł. This project was inspired by the exchange of experiences and conversations held at the conference "Priorities in health care 2017", held at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, during discussion panels on the prospects for development... Read more
We are pleased to announce that Transition Technologies SA has been nominated for the Polish Innovation Award 2017 in the category of Innovation in Medicine for the development and implementation of the innovative MedStream Designer (MSD) medical data management system in a program run by the Polish Agency for Enterprise and Editorial Plus of Gazeta Wyborcza. The winner gala will take place on October 26, 2017, during the 5th Congress... Read more


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