We create solutions that influence the quality of treatment

Our medical department is a group of great analysts and developers creating solutions prepared accodring to very detailed criteria specified by our partners and clients.

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Our solutions in the field of medicine

We are leaders in the field of analytical systems in medicine.

Platform for medical data analysis

MedStream Designer is a tool adapted to modern needs of hospitals. Thanks to a full integration with HIS systems and a graphical interface it allows doctors and managers of healthcare facilites an unassisted analysis of big medical data collection gathered in the hospital system.

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Analytics in clinical studies

We analyse medical data in clinical studies. We cooperate with scientific units under national and European grants and individual partners under commercial projects. Very close cooperation with medics allows us to find solutions that influence the improvement of the quality of treatment.

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Our experience

We have perennial experience in the market of professional IT services.


healtcare units use MedStream Designer


scientific and research projects in the field of medicine and molecular biology in which we participated


IT solutions in the field of medicine


years of experience as IT provider in Poland and in the world

Reference projects

We cooperate with scientific units and individual partners.


Changes in the reimbursement regulations changed patients’ preferences. As part of the project, we have prepared both a statistical report as well as an interactive application showing the changes of the behaviour of the ill in three waves of the study.


The Children’s Memorial Health Institute together with 15 international partners is working on therapy and detection of markers which will allow to stop the development of a disease. In the project we were particular about the corectness of the collected data and prepared a combined analysis of the clinical data with genomic data.

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